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What occupations are at risk?

Cases of Hantavirus infection contracted in Canada and the United States have been associated with these activities: Sweeping out a barn and other ranch buildings. Trapping and studying mice. Using compressed air and dry sweeping to clean up wood waste in a sawmill. Handling grain contaminated with mouse droppings and urine. Entering a barn infested with mice. Planting or harvesting field crops. Occupying previously vacant dwellings. Disturbing rodent-infested areas while hiking or camping. Living in dwellings with a sizable indoor rodent population. For workers that might be exposed to rodents as part of their normal job duties, employers are required to comply with relevant occupational health and safety regulations in their jurisdiction. Typically, employers are required to develop and implement an exposure control plan to eliminate or reduce the risk and hazard of Hantavirus in their workplace.